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Bruce Francois

Founder, Chair, President-CEO


My Purpose is to inspire others to discover and experience their purpose in life, to maximize their potential and to become the leader they were born to become. I believe one day every person in this world will be empowered to have a sense of purpose for their life.


I am passionate about mentoring and developing others to make a difference regardless of their functional or social setting. I love to see people operate and flourish in their gifts and passions.


I am a visionary with a strong solution-oriented acumen and a social entrepreneurial heart and spirit. I am results-driven with a keen eye for innovation, value and social impact.  Throughout my career, I have worn many hats and have built reputable relationships and partnership but they don’t tell the whole story. For the last 14+ years, I have enjoyed being part of a world class organization, The Walt Disney Company, where I helped plan, design and develop technology solutions to bring magical experiences to the lives of guests and cast members.  Within the last two years, I’ve been inspired by a new sense of purpose to apply my social entrepreneurial talents and to expand my community service involvement to change lives.  I believe that when you change a life, you save a life, and when you save a life, you change so many more lives.  It is this new sense of purpose that led me to form the myPurpose NETWORK organization to help people discover and experience their purpose in life. 

My leadership philosophy is one built around purposeful leadership. I define “purposeful leadership” as the capacity to influence others through the inspiration by a strong sense of purpose motivated by one’s gifts, strengths and passions. I believe people are more effective when they are empowered to function in areas or roles that allow them to use one or more aspects of their gifts, strengths and passions.