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About Us

myPurpose™ NETWORK is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, registered under the charity name "The Purpose Network Inc.",  created to advance the overall quality of life for people. Human Purpose is the area of our cause and our focus is in the promotion and advocacy of "purposeful living", living life with a sense of purpose. We envision a world where every person is fully empowered to realize, experience and maximize their purpose in life to make a positive difference in their communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: we enable people to discover and experience their purpose in life with positive social impacts.

We accomplish our mission by matching and connecting people with tools, people, organizations and information resources that enable self-discovery of one’s purpose with positive social impact. 

Our Approach

Our philosophies, theories and solutions are based on scientific methods and spiritual inspirations.

Our programs and services seek to provide contemporary and integrated approaches for addressing the human need factors that influence the purposeful living experience.

Our work is fueled by the passion of countless supporters comprised of volunteers, donors and followers who support and believe in our cause. Every day, our supporters contribute their time, money, resources, experiences, knowledge and voice to drive our mission forward.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are the cornerstone of our organization’s ideals and the motivation for our cause. We believe:

  • Purpose is the blueprint of your identity - a belief coined by our founder, Bruce Francois. As such, a sense of purpose is a fundamental human need.  A Strong sense of purpose = Strong sense of self = Strong sense of community.
  • Purpose is unique. Everything that was created on this planet has a purpose. Everyone was created with a unique Purpose to make a positive impact in the world in ways that help others as a tribute to our creator. 
  • Purpose is universal without regard to kind, creed, race or religion.
  • Purpose requires discovery. Your Purpose  forces you to discover your innermost self.  If you do not discover it, it will lead you to its discovery.
  • Purpose has power. Everyone has the ability and capacity to make a difference with their unique gifts, strengths, passions and interaction styles. Learn more about your PurposePOWER™ 
  • Purpose makes impact. You were born to make an impact. Your Purpose enables experiences and opportunities to make positive social impacts. Learn more about your Purpose-Impact.
  • You are equipped for your Purpose. You have the core essentials in your abilities, attitude, well-being and experiences to operate in your Purpose. 
  • Purpose is multi-faceted. Your Purpose is a journey filled with experiences of assignments and memories and learnings for new assignments.
  • Purpose is fulfilling. True meaning and significance can only be achieved  when we seek and believe in a Purpose bigger than ourselves.
  • Unmet and sometimes over-satisfied human needs serve as barriers in fulfilling your Purpose.

Our Values

We strive each day to focus on I.M.P.A.C.T. as a model for being: 

  • Innovative - the pace of change in today’s global economy requires that we continuously re-imagine ourselves and evaluate the needs of our patrons to ensure that services and offerings provide value and remain relevant.  
  • Maximizing – we focus our work in ways that drive the greatest value for our team members, beneficiaries and partners.  
  • Purpose-minded - we will lead the charge in being aware of our Purpose and focused on helping others reach their purpose through upholding the values of the organization
  • Adaptable– social needs are ever changing; we look to stay ahead of the curve on those needs to inform our strategic alliances, partnerships and programming.
  • Committed – we are dedicated to making a difference by serving the mission of our organization.  Serving others is at the core of why we do what we do. We drive our organization’s vision, mission and values with care and without compromise.
  • Team-oriented – we believe we are at our best when we work with others to achieve our organization’s vision.  We operate, move and make decisions as a team.