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Find our most frequently asked questions below.

Donations & Fundraising

  • Who is Razoo?

    Razoo is our approved fundraising partner organization. Razoo provides a secure platform for personal, team and charitable fundraisers.

  • How can I donate?

    Please visit our Donate page for your financial donation. Our options include online giving, giving offline, workplace giving, Amazon Smile and eBay Giving Works. Our online giving option is administered through Razoo, our fundraising partner. Your donation is critical to our work. Thank you for considering donating to our organization.

  • What portion of my donation directly supports your cause?

    Your donations help make our work possible. Approximately 65% of your donation directly supports our cause and just above 35% funds our administrative costs and overhead expenses. 

  • What information will I receive at year-end for donations I made during the year?

    A donation receipt will be emailed to you for each donation. We will also email you a donation summary statement at the end of the year.

  • How long will it take to receive a donation receipt?

    Donations receipts are sent immediately after each online donation through our fundraising partner Razoo. Receipts for check donations will be sent to the email address correspondence provided with your payment after your check payment is processed.

  • Will I get a receipt from myPurpose NETWORK?

    You will receive a myPurpose NETWORK branded receipt from Razoo, our fundraising partner. We will recognize your contribution and email you a summary statement at the beginning of the new calendar year. Our calendar year ends December 31.

  • How would I make a donation through my will or estate plan?

    When completing your financial planning, you can include The Purpose Network Inc. in your bequest by will or revocable Trust. We simply ask that you notify us so that we can fulfill your request. Your notification will be treated confidentially.

    We recommend the following language be included in your estate planning document:

    “I give, devise, and bequeath to The Purpose Network Inc. in _________(Orlando, Florida), _______(Dollars)* to be used for its general purposes.”

    Please consult your financial planner or legal adviser for further details.

    A gift for general purposes is considered an “unrestricted gift” which will be used where the need is greatest. An alternative to leaving a sum, you can include language that refers to a percentage of your estate or a description of the property you wish to give.

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    Yes. Please see our privacy policy for additional details.

  • How would I set up a recurring donation?

    Yes. You can set up recurring, monthly donations via our fundraising partner, Razoo. Simply click on myPurpose NETWORK logo on our Donate page and check the “donate monthly” box at that top of the donation box on our Razoo page. Registration required if you have not previously donated, or do not have a Razoo account.

  • How would I cancel a recurring donation?

    You can cancel a recurring donation on Razoo at any time. To cancel a recurring donation, log into your Razoo account and click “Profile” from the site menu underneath your name on the navigation bar.

  • How can I fundraise on behalf of myPurpose NETWORK?

    We have partnered with Razoo as our approved Fundraising partner. Please visit Razoo's charity-fundraiser page to get started today and to learn more about fundraising on behalf of our charity. Razoo makes starting a fundraiser quite easy with these simple steps:

    1. Start fundraiser.
    2. Select the Goal for the amount money you would like to raise for our charity.
    3. Select our certified charity “My Purpose Network” |Orlando Fl|81-2841934|.
    4. Build your fundraiser page by creating a new Razoo account or by signing in with your existing account.
    5. Launch and share your fundraising page.

    You can earn volunteer service hours for fundraising on our organization’s behalf. Learn more about how you can earn volunteer service hours for your online fundraising effort.


Mission & Cause

  • What does myPurpose NETWORK do?

    We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, registered under charity name "The Purpose Network Inc.", created to advance the overall quality of life for people. Human Purpose is the area of our cause and our focus is in the promotion and advocacy of “purposeful living”, living life with a sense of purpose. We enable people to discover and experience their purpose in life with positive social impacts. Learn more about us

  • What audience does myPurpose NETWORK target?

    Everyone seeking personal growth and development. A sense of purpose is universal without regard to kind, gender, creed, race or religion, and so is our mission and cause.

  • Is myPurpose NETWORK a faith-based organization or government agency?

    No. We are a community-based organization that offer programs which blend science with biblically inspired principles and concepts. We partner with faith-based and non-faith based organizations as part of our holistic approach for addressing the human need conditions that prevent people from living a purposeful life.


  • What are your plans to offer programs and services internationally?

    We are a growing organization with a big heart and a big vision with a global outreach. We are starting our work in the United States first with plans to expand internationally in the near future. 


  • What is your privacy policy?

    Please see our privacy policy for additional details.

  • Why do you need my name, addresses, zip code, email address information, etc.?

    Please see our privacy policy for additional details.

  • Who do I contact if I believe my privacy has been breached?

    Verify recourse actions our privacy policy and terms and conditions. Contact us via the contact methods specified for our site.

  • How can I opt out of receiving messages from and information about myPurpose NETWORK?

    We value your feedback about ways we can interest you in our mission and cause. We understand your interest may change, so we have made it easy to opt out of receiving messages and information about myPurpose NETWORK.

    Simply select the “unsubscribe” feature, if option is provided, in any email communication sent to you to stop receiving messages.

    You also have the option to notify us via email at to opt out. 


Service Provider

  • What is a Service Provider for myPurpose NETWORK?

    Our Service Providers are the cornerstone for advancing our cause. As an non-profit organization, government agency or faith-based organization, you play a key service role in helping individuals address their human needs.Registering your organization and your offered services in our Service Provider Directory will allows us to match individuals and their needs to the right organization for assistance. In the near future, we will offer a portal site to allow you to manage your organization profile data.

    If you are interested in helping today and being in our Service Provider Directory, please contact us via our organization contact form.


  • How can my business/organization become a partner with myPurpose NETWORK?

    Learn more about sponsorship programs in our ways-organizations-can-help page.

    Follow us anytime.You may also sign up to volunteer in our volunteer website, or donate to stay connected with us. We will also launch our online community platform in the near future.


Staying Connected

  • How can I get my personal story featured on myPurpose NETWORK?

    myPurpose NETWORK is always looking for real life stories of your purpose-journey to help inspire and motivate others. Please email us at letting us know of your story interest, and a member of the myPurpsose NETWORK team will reach out to you with more details.

  • How can I stay connected with myPurpose NETWORK?

    Easy. In addition to our website, we have a presence via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Follow us anytime.You may also sign up to volunteer in our volunteer website, or donate to stay connected with us. We will also launch our online community platform in the near future.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • What volunteer opportunities are available at myPurpose NETWORK?

    We are so happy you are interested in volunteer opportunities to make an IMPACT. Please visit our volunteer site to learn more about available opportunities. We offer volunteer opportunities (Needs) that are onsite, virtual & local.

  • Where do I go to volunteer?

    Please visit our volunteer website for more details about our volunteer opportunity needs. 

  • How can I earn volunteer service hours for virtual volunteer opportunities like Online Fundraising?

    We are so happy you are interested in virtual volunteer opportunities to advance our cause from the comfort of your remote location. Please follow the steps to get started:

    • All volunteers must first register via our volunteer website.
    • Assign yourself to any available volunteer opportunities (Needs) that suit your interest and passion.
    • A volunteer manager will review, approve your Need assignments and will contact you to share and discuss the work items/tasks.
  • How do I track my volunteer hours?

    It is simple. All volunteers are required to register via our volunteer website. Upon registering, you will have a unique account where you can track your hours, print your volunteer resume and see the impact you have made through volunteering. We look forward to seeing the impact you will make with myPurpose NETWORK.


  • What information will you provide at year-end on volunteer hours worked?

    Our volunteer website provides you with the option to print out your volunteer resume and hours at any time.