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Our Solutions

Our Model

We design and deliver solutions that address the needs and opportunities of our beneficiaries with the greatest level of value and social impact. Our beneficiaries include both individuals and organizations. Our solution delivery model involves: 

  • Identifying and prioritizing needs and opportunities.
  • Creating and planning value initiatives.
  • Designing and implementing programs.
  • Developing and delivering products, services and advocacy messages.
  • Creating and measuring social impact.


Our Programs

Our programs are the instruments we use for developing and delivering products, services and advocacy messages to our targeted beneficiaries. All of our programs are managed as projects by a delivery process that consist of 5 phases/gates: 

  • Dream - the vision, goals and motivations for the new program are introduced and shared.  We believe in sharing the “Dream” at this phase to encourage people to become part of the solution.
  • Plan - sponsorship and resource commitments are secured. Scope, schedule and budgets are confirmed.
  • Produce - solutions are developed, implemented and tested.
  • Release - our products, services and advocacy messages are rolled out to our targeted beneficiaries.
  • Support - our products, services and advocacy messages are monitored, measured, and matured.

You can help support our programs by becoming a sponsor. Learn more about our programs and their statuses.

Our Services & Advocacy

Discover Connect Grow Contribute (D.C.G.C.)

Our solutions incorporate one, or all aspects of an experience model we have developed to guide you through maximizing your experience on your purpose journey.  We call it our D.C.G.C. Model:


DISCOVER your inner self and how to best leverage your uniqueness for purposeful-living:

  • Know who you are ,your purpose and the source of your purpose.
  • Explore and maximize the power you have to make a difference with your unique gifts, strengths, interaction style, passions, causes and the barriers that keep you from realizing your full Purpose potential. Learn more about your PurposePower™ .


CONNECT to build a community of people, organizations and information resources to serve others and overcome barriers on your Purpose journey.


GROW to advance your Purpose:

  • Find ways to tap into your gifts, strengths, passions, knowledge and experiences to help others.
  • Develop and exercise new skills.


CONTRIBUTE to serve and help others:

  • Share your knowledge, experiences, and encouragement.
  • Volunteer at charities that support your cause.
  • Make monetary or item donations to your preferred charities.

Track & Measure

Throughout your experience, we track the progress on your purpose journey and your purpose-driven experiences, in what we call your Purpose-Impact. Learn more about your Purpose-Impact