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PurposePOWER™ Assessment  is an online tool we offer to help individuals discover their Purpose by providing insights on the factors that influence their purposeful-living experience. This tool does NOT tell you your Purpose but offers insights on the characteristics about yourself to inform and guide you through your discovery experience.

How it Works

The PurposePOWER™ Assessment insights tool was motivated by the beliefs and theories:

  1. Every person has a unique Purpose because they were created for a Purpose. Therefore, you are intrinsically equipped with some of the core essentials to operate in your Purpose. Your core essentials play a factor in your purposeful-living experience. Your core essentials include:
    • Abilities - The natural and developed talents or gifts unique to you. 
    • Attitudes - Your feeling, emotion and mental position towards something. Your attitude is generally influenced by your:
      • Well-being - Social and psychological state of being. 
      • Interaction Style - Distinctive emotional and behavioral personality traits that guide how you interact with others and your environment.
      • Passion - The things or causes that excite you.
    • Needs - Your motivating human needs and the experiences from satisfying them and or coping without them.
    • Experiences - Life events or circumstances that leave an impression on you.
      Note: Another essential factor that influence your purpose-living experience is your faith/spirituality, however, this factor is out of scope for the purposes of this assessment.
  2. Your Purpose has power. Your abilities, attitude and the experiences from them give you the ability and the capacity to influence others in a positive way.

The PurposePOWER™ Assessment tool uses your life experiences as a factor for your purpose-journey to provide insights on the other factors that influence your purpose-journey: attitude, abilities and human needs.


  • Personalized report - Confidential personalized insights report.
  • Well-being test - Insights about your social and psychological well-being.
  • Gift test - Insights about your top spiritual gifts.
  • Interaction Style test - Insights about your personality type.
  • Passion test - Insights about your top passions.
  • Needs test - Insights about your immediate and unmet human needs.


  • Understand your social and psychological well-being.
  • Learn about your top gifts and things to watch out for.
  • Learn about roles and career fields most suitable for your gifts.
  • Understand your personality type and your best communication and learning style.
  • Understand your top areas of passion.
  • Better understand your human needs that could serve as barriers.
  • Build a stronger sense of self with opportunities for deeper self-discovery.
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Be motivated for meaningful service, and to serve enthusiastically and with confidence.
  • Become more knowledgeable and self-aware to grow and serve competently.