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myPurpose™ IMPACT Online is an online community themed to inspire, empower and help others make a difference with positive social impact.

How it Works

The motivation for myPurpose IMPACT Online was based on the idea that in order for people to discover and operate in their Purpose at their full potential, there must be environments that promote, support and reinforce purpose-driven experiences, or what we call your Purpose-Impact. myPurpose IMPACT Online is an online social networking environment that enables purpose-driven experiences by matching people with tools, people, organizations and information resources to help them discover and operate in their Purpose. Think of it as social networking with a Purpose and themed with a charitable focus for personal growth and development. Members of myPurpose IMPACT Online will be opened to a new charitable experience and a new world of networking. Members will be able to:


  • FREE Membership
  • Profile
    • Login with their favorite social networking profile.
    • Social sharing integration with Facebook.
    • Create custom member profile with cover photos and avatars.
  • Discovery
    • PurposePOWER™ Assessment.
      • Gain insights about their gifts, passions, well-being, interaction style and the human needs that serve as barriers in their purpose-journey.
  • Journey
    • Create a Purpose vision as part of their plan for purposeful-living.
    • Personalize a Purpose statement as the vision statement for their purposeful-living experience.
  • Connection
    • Connect with people, organizations and information resources.
    • Find people that share the same gifts, passions and interaction style.
    • Create discussions to share information and to promote positiveness.
    • Create or join social groups based on your gifts, passions, interests or cause.
    • Create easy-to-use photo galleries to make profiles fun to browse, comment on and view.
    • Browse, share, comment on photo and video content to uplift and inspire others.
    • Share their posts on Facebook.
    • Share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events and more to help others.
    • Like, share, comment and keep in touch with their purpose-minded friends.
  • Stories
    • Create and share short stories/blogs to educate, encourage and inspire others.
  • Contribution
    • Make monetary donations to their favorite charity.
    • Help others by giving advice and mentoring.