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Jacob Braden

Board Member


I believe in educating and inspiring people to pursue their dreams through the use of new technology and new practices. The pillars of tomorrow are constructed today.


I am passionate about developing progressive software that unites people through technology. I love to connect friends, family, and society through growing social networks.


As an avid developer, I take pride in staying up to date with the latest trends in technology and programming. Through my years of development, I have familiarized myself with many of the tools needed to maintain cross-platform / cross-browser compatibility. I believe my knowledge in developing both web applications and iPhone / iPad applications allows me to plan to develop cross-platform solutions by thinking like both a Web Developer and a Mobile Developer, while always keeping in mind the back-end solution.

I pride myself in being an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for innovation. During my time with myPurpose NETWORK, I have been inspired to think outside of the box. Volunteering with myPurpose NETWORK has proven to be a life changing experience, truly demonstrating the human-technology bond, and shows how innovative ideas can further unite society. I eagerly await the growth of the company, as I am excited to see the myPurpose NETWORK created to reach its maximum potential.