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Jessica Wickey

Board Member


My purpose in life is to EDUCATE, MENTOR, AND SUPPORT the under-served. I believe firmly in the following motto:

Education breeds curiosity; curiosity creates excitement; excitement develops creativity; creativity motivates experimentation; experiments put humans on the moon. It all starts with a SOLID EDUCATION.


I am passionate about education. As an educator, my teaching journey began at the University of Central Florida - my motivation and drive every day starts when my feet hit the ground. The freshness of learning and growing with my students provides me such excitement; this excitement I hope to instill in my students. Encouragement can be the best motivator, and sometimes all it takes is for someone to believe in you.

The foundation of my teaching philosophy stands on my over 20 years in the hospitality industry; working in restaurants, resorts, events, entertainment and conventions. As a later in life student, I used my industry knowledge as a catalyst, guiding me through my undergraduate degree in Resort & Hospitality Management. My graduate degree, in Hospitality and Tourism Management has given me the tools to understand and evaluate how students learn, and the most productive ways in which to teach them.


June 29, 2010, my beautiful twin sister passed away. Her passing was the MOST influential experience in defining and guiding my life towards teaching. Her death at the young age of 34, made me realize life is VERY short, and we must take advantage of all GOD has given us, and give it back to the world. Jennifer’s death changed how I view the world. I no longer take ANYTHING for granted. I try and “stop and smell the roses” daily. I make time for loved ones. I spend time cultivating relationships, and nurturing friends and family.

I read a book a few years ago by Sidney Poitier, “The Measure of a Man”. In the book, he offers up a suggestion that I live by now. “You have two options every day. These two options are the only things you can control. These options are what defines you, and defines how you engage in life:

1. How you act.
2. How you react to others actions.

Understanding that these are the ONLY two things you can control brings me peace. I know I act with a PURPOSE. I treat everyone with kindness and compassion. And I try to put myself in their shoes before judgment.

I believe my purpose, my drive to educate the world helps others daily. A wonderful mentor, Mr. Harris Rosen said something I will never forget “We will never have income equality, however we can strive to have education equality”. I want to assist all who want to learn, and be the educator who never stops learning. I want each and every student to feel comfortable in my classroom, and still strive to learn, and push themselves.