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Nicola Norton

Board Member, Treasurer


My purpose is to assist and empower underserved individuals in enhancing their quality of life.


My passion is to work in the non-profit arena building programs and finding resources to assist underserved and individuals of low socioeconomic status.


I am a proud native of the Caribbean island Jamaica. I moved to Orlando, Florida in 1978 for a better life and to advance my education. I have over 25 years of non-profit, social service experience. My career started in 1992 at Second Harvest Food Bank where I assisted employees and residents at children and adult shelters, foster homes and churches. In 1995, I worked for Central Florida AIDS Unified Resources (CENTAUR), an HIV/AIDS Service Organization, where I assisted many HIV positive individuals with mental health issues and those in need of housing. My experiences at CENTAUR inspired me to pursue a degree in social work to help underprivileged and disadvantaged people. In 1999, I joined Miracle of Love, Inc. (MOL) as an Administrative Assistant, helping to develop AIDS care, HIV rapid testing and AIDS counseling programs. In 2003, I attained a Master of Science degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Central Florida.

After four years at MOL, I was appointed the Executive Director for the organization where I served for thirteen years. My 16+ years at MOL included many memorable and fulfilling accomplishments such as: implementing the first HIV rapid testing program by an AIDS Service Organization (ASO), expanding our programs and services to two other Central Florida counties, growing our base staff with 15 new employees, developing six new AIDS programs, and most recently, securing funding to purchase a facility called The Stafford House. The Stafford House offers programs to empower and educate young adults living alternative lifestyles on how to protect themselves against contracting HIV as well as teaching them important career and life skills.

In addition to my social service work, I am committed to serving in the community. I volunteered on the Orlando Planning Council committee for the last 13 years. I feel fortunate to have lived my professional career fulfilling my life’s purpose and I am excited to be part of the myPurpose NETWORK organization to assist others with finding and fulfilling their purpose in life.