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Suzan Bunn

Vice-Chair, Secretary


I believe purposeful living is a vital part of happiness, a need for us all.


I am passionate about children, animals and the elderly are those I strive to impact to make their lives more meaningful, productive and purposeful.


Almost an Orlando native, I have spent my life helping others, whether in my church, school or community. Thus, an imitative I created called “Those Without Voices”. A statement in my vernacular has been “All creatures great and small…” Mentoring young ladies and gentlemen from underprivileged circumstances and lucrative families to building professional careers has been a drive for me. It has also been my mission to financially and physically assist children in third world countries. Adopting and fostering animals has been a part of my everyday world, to include a left behind peahen and a squirrel left desolate from Irma. My world is also filled with the elderly who just need a friendly voice, a warm meal or a reason/purpose to have a beautiful day. Giving a voice to those who have none is my daily mission.